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The success of any business depends on the capacity to make the right decisions. Emacuev has the services you need to guarantee that your company has only one road to follow: the success!

Our team of consultants with a large business experience is available to help you to find the best solutions for your company. Our goal is to help you to work in a more simple and smart way, so you can achieve better results.

Emacuev is the partner you need to guarantee you really know the market and can get results on your business area, thanks to a management focused on your goals.


Economic and financial feasibility analysis | Financial Consulting | Business Plans


Before starting a business or the beginning of a new project it is essential to do an economic and financial feasibility analysis.

This is one of the services that Emacuev has available to guarantee an effective business management. Our analysis will help you to evaluate pros and cons of an eventual project and its impact on your company.

To ensure the success of a new business or project, our team will analyse the market. This is an essential step in the way to successful company. Our experts will help you to understand in which point you are, define your goals and draw the plan to achieve them.


The financial area and its correct management is one of the steps that is essential to get a successful company. Emacuev has available for you different services of financial consulting. These services will ensure the sustainable growth of your business.

We have the following financial consulting services:

Elaboration and evaluation of investment projects

Analysis of the economic and financial evolution of your company

Economic and financial projections

Financial evaluation of your business

Analysis of financial demonstrations


A business plan is one of the essential documents to a good business management. This tool should be studied not only before start a new business, but before you begin a new project as well.

This document is a dynamic tool that supports a company management. We can help you to create you company’s business plan!

Our professionals will elaborate a business plan that reflects the viability of your business and/or project e and create preventive actions against eventual threats and challenges. Subscribe our services of business consulting and we will help you guide your company to the success.